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Police Shootings, Jail Suicide and Other Wrongful Death Cases Involving Law Enforcement

Gastélum Law specializes in civil rights claims. A civil rights claim arises when the government or its officials violate a person’s rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of the State of California. Gastélum Law fights for the preservation of these rights by seeking justice for our clients and helping them navigate the legal process with dignity.

Gastélum Law has achieved justice in excessive force cases involving police shootings and police brutality and in cases arising from unconstitutional conditions in jails and prisons, including failure to protect inmates’ safety and failure to provide proper medical and psychiatric care resulting in suicide, overdose or other tragic and fatal medical conditions.

Examples of civil rights cases against law enforcement agencies include:

  • physical violence by the police resulting in serious injury or death
  • sexual assault by police officers or custody staff
  • abusive strip searches
  • failure to protect inmates against other violent inmates or abusive custody staff
  • failure to provide psychiatric care to inmates resulting in jail suicides
  • failure to provide medical care to inmates resulting in overdose

If you or your loved one are a victim of police misconduct, please document information that may be helpful to you and your attorneys including taking photographs your injuries, securing any video recordings of the incident and names of witnesses, and seek medical attention immediately. A private autopsy is recommended to ensure an objective evaluation for the cause of death and examination of the fatal injuries.


Sexual Assault, Rape and Child Molestation Involving Schools, Universities and the Clergy

The #MeToo movement has empowered victims of sexual abuse to come forward and report their abusers. The movement also brought sexual abuse reform to California providing victims of sexual abuse with necessary protections and additional time to file sexual abuse claims in the civil courts.

We place a lot of trust in our teachers, coaches and the clergy. Sexual abuse by persons we trusted can have a lifelong devastating impact on the victim. Gastélum Law has experience helping sexual abuse victims pursue justice and hold the abuser and the institution that failed to protect the victim accountable.


Life-altering injuries can be caused by accidents occurring at constructions sites, the workplace or in auto/trucking collisions. The injuries can include brain trauma, paralyses, disfigurement, and burns. These are known as catastrophic injuries and require the full attention of an experienced attorney who will investigate the cause of the injury, will ensure that you are provided with the necessary medical care, and will hold the responsible party accountable. Gastélum Law will help you and your loved ones navigate this difficult time with effective legal representation giving your case the attention it deserves.


A wrongful death claim is a civil action made by the loved ones of an individual who has passed away due to the negligent or misconduct of another. The grieving process is a difficult time for family members and loved ones and is only intensified by the negligence and reckless acts of the responsible party. A wrongful death claim can give family members a sense of justice and closure. Navigating the legal process and securing compensation is something only an experienced and compassionate attorney can help you with. Gastélum Law is here for you and your family during these trying times.